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Date Venue Location Notes
5.26.2017 Hyenas Comedy Club Fort Worth, TX
5.27.2017 Hyenas Comedy Club Fort Worth, TX
6.1.2017 AFE Tour Agadez, Niger
6.2.2017 AFE Tour Agadez, Niger
6.3.2017 AFE Tour Agadez, Niger
6.4.2017 AFE Tour Agadez, Niger
6.5.2017 AFE Tour Agadez, Niger
6.6.2017 AFE Tour Djibouti, Djibouti
6.7.2017 AFE Tour Djibouti, Djibouti
6.8.2017 AFE Tour Djibouti, Djibouti
6.9.2017 AFE Tour Djibouti, Djibouti
6.10.2017 AFE Tour Kuwait City, Kuwait
6.11.2017 AFE Tour Kuwait City, Kuwait
6.12.2017 AFE Tour Kuwait City, Kuwait
6.13.2017 AFE Tour Kuwait City, Kuwait
6.14.2017 AFE Tour Baghdad, Iraq
6.15.2017 AFE Tour Baghdad, Iraq
6.16.2017 AFE Tour Baghdad, Iraq
6.17.2017 AFE Tour Baghdad, Iraq
6.18.2017 AFE Tour Baghdad, Iraq
7.1.2017 Goofy's Canyon Lake, TX
7.8.2017 Anime Midwest Chicago, IL
7.9.2017 Anime Midwest Chicago, IL
7.18.2017 Comedy Cave Calgary, AB
7.19.2017 Comedy Cave Calgary, AB
7.20.2017 Comedy Cave Calgary, AB
7.21.2017 Comedy Cave Calgary, AB
7.22.2017 Comedy Cave Calgary, AB
7.23.2017 Comedy Cave Calgary, AB
8.4.2017 Joke Joint Comedy Showcase Houston , TX
8.5.2017 Joke Joint Comedy Showcase Houston, TX
10.6.2017 North Texas Comedy Fest Denton, TX

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