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The Never Silent, Always Right Tour 2008

Tell your friends. It's probably coming to a city near you... probably with Sam Demaris in tow.  Way more comedy than you would expect for some stupidly low ticket price.


New Journal Entries

Entries are now up covering the last two weeks in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  Pictures will be up soon.  Dig in.



There's something about me and this city...  If you live anywhere close to Boise, come say hello at the Funnybone this week.  Just trust me on this one... it's gonna be worth it. 


 It Lives...

Welcome to the brand new SLADEHAM.COM

Go and play... and register on the Message Board.


It Lives...

Welcome kids.  Go and play.  Register on the Message Board, comment the Rants.  Knock yourself out.  And then come see me in Beaumont this weekend.



Welcome to the brand new SLADEHAM.COM

Go and play... and register on the Message Board.



There are some really wicked things on the horizon... Sign up for the Mailing List for all the latest, and swing by the Guestbook to say hello.



Listen in to XM Channel 150 (XM Comedy) this Friday night, Oct 13 at 10pm East/9pm Central/7pm West... as they air "Live From Comedy, Texas" featuring me and five of my best friends in a two hour stand up special.  Don't miss it!



Join me at Comedy, Texas June 30-July 1 along with five of my best friends in comedy for the absolute best weekend of stand up imaginable.  I promise.

Did I mention it's all being recorded by XM Radio's Joel Haas?  Yeah... it's gonna be big.



Click here to see my Anti-Smoking Ban Video.



If you live in Southeast Texas, join me this Thursday, May 11 at Comedy, Texas... nothing will be safe. 

It's one show only at 8:00 PM so make your reservations today.  I'll see ya there.



Welcome to my little corner of the web.  I'm gonna be doing some pretty cool stuff through my Mailing List very soon, so if you're not signed up, do it now!

Also, if you're here from Dane Cook's site, please go check out some of my clips on the Audio page and sign the Guestbook...  



First off, go sign the Guestbook.  Second, request me on XM Radio - even if you don't have it! 

XM 150 is rolling out my new CD track by track, one day at a time right now.  If you're here because you heard me on XM recently, the tracks you heard are from my new CD "Redemption".

As far as requests go, I've made it really simple for you.   Just click below to email your request now...

Request Slade Ham on XM Radio!

They have both CDs, so just request your favorite bit and see what happens. 



My new CD, "Redemption" is officially out!  Grab a copy on the Merch page...  and for those of you in the Boise, ID area - come out and grab one in person all this week (Nov 16-20) at the Boise Funny Bone!  See you there...



Sorry for such an absence from both the web and the road.  I've been incredibly busy lately and can only promise great things to come... new Rants, new video, and a new CD... Yup, it's almost here...

You can now pre-order my new CD "Redemption" - due out November 15th.  Click here to do that.

It's worth it... trust me.



My apologies for the lack of updates recently.  I, like many others in Southeast Texas, have been slightly affected by Hurricane Rita.  Very soon hopefully, I will have all kinds of new stuff for you to check out - rants, audio clips, and the latest on my brand new CD. 

Some of my Fall dates have been rescheduled as well, so if you don't see your city on the Schedule, I won't be there.  Thanks for stopping by - there's still tons to check out around here.  Have fun!



It's coming... Details soon.



Just a heads up... I'm down to the last 18 copies of my CD, and it will be sold out completely after this weekend at Hyenas in Ft Worth.  Don't email me later bitching about how you "don't have a copy blah blah blah".  I'm just sayin'... 



Look out Shreveport, LA!  A full week of unadulterated "funny" is yours to be had at the Funnybone.  Join me tonight at The Hiwatts show in Bossier City, and then bring your ticket stub to trade for a free copy of "The FCC Can Kiss My Ass".  All you have to do is find me...



Okay, you're here.  Why not sign the Guestbook. Just a quick hello maybe? Something to say "I'm not an anonymous prick"? You can do it, I have faith...



I'll post something about Montreal in the Rants section soon, but A Fist Full of Pills went over phenomenally well.  Blurbs are up at:

Just For Laughs and
Shecky Magazine 

Also, from the Just For Laughs site:

The Eat My Shorts! Audience Award for Best Short Film goes to Our Time is Up by Rob Pearlstein (USA, 2004) starring Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects). A special mention goes to the film Fist Full of Pills by Tom Hester & Slade Ham (USA, 2005) for so well exemplifying the mandate of Comedia as a home for stand-up comedians who have written, starred in or produced their very own big-screen presentations, as well as in recognition for the exceptional critical and public response it garnered at the festival.



The short film, "A Fist Full of Pills", will be showcased at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival this July.

Creative team also consisted of some recognizable names from "The Aristocrats"-- editing by Emery Emery, Paul Provenza was creative consultant.

"A Fist Full of Pills"
Written by: Tom Hester
Co-directed by: Tom Hester and Slade Ham
Starring: Tom Hester, Tom Rhodes, Slade Ham, Caroline Picard, Justin Petitt and Lee Melton



Help me celebrate my birthday by giving the gift of "rent".  In other words, go buy a CD or a T-shirt from the Merch Page.



New video clips are up on the Media page.  It's all stuff you can only get here.  And while you're at it, go email XM Radio and then tell a few friends about this site.



First off, go sign the Guestbook.  Second, request me on XM Radio - even if you don't have it!  As a matter of fact, I've made it really simple for you.   Just click below to email your request now...

Request Slade Ham on XM Radio!

I'm not sure what they're playing of mine, so just request your favorite bit and see what happens. 



Happy St. Patrick's Day all you alcoholics.  There's plenty of reading material in the Rant section and plenty to listen to and buy everywhere else. Please take a second to sign the Guestbook while you're here as well.  All the cool people are doing it!



This week, Thurs-Sat, at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.  If you don't live there, buy a plane ticket.  A new Rant's up too, btw.



Okay, okay... I know I should have updated this thing by now.  I promise I'll have some new stuff up in the next day or so.  Unless it takes me longer...  I'm working on it though, I swear! 



Head's up Shreveport, LA! Come enjoy the trainwreck that is me and John Wessling this Wed-Sun.  Someone's gotta buy me my Guinness.



I'll be taping my DVD at the end of this month, and will have a lot more news regarding that particular little project in the near future.  The first Rant of 2005 is up as well.  Enjoy!



Congrats to KarinBerry for picking up a T-shirt/CD combo.  I'm sure I'll give some other stuff away in January.  Maybe.  But maybe not too.  I dunno.  Merry Christmas suckas!



I figure I might as well go ahead and give in to the Christmas spirit.  Anyone who enters a Guestbook entry this month is eligible to win one of my new T-shirts.  Make sure you enter your email address so that you can be contacted if you do win, and try to say something witty when ya enter, huh?  I dunno when this ends -  sometime this month probably, so hurry!



"SH" t-shirts are finally here!  Check them out on the Merch page. Let's face it, I need Christmas money and you need a shirt. Go now!



T-shirts are coming very soon!  Like "this month" soon...  I'll get a pic up along with order info as soon as I can.



Comedy Showcase.  Houston, TX.  November 5&6.  Two words - be there...



New clips are up on the Audio page!  It should be some stuff you've never heard.  Unless you've seen me live lately, in which case you shouldn't be here.  You should be on eBay trying to get rid of my CD for about $1.50.  Go download 'em sucka!



Just a note, the Rant Archive is now up at the bottom of the Rant page. You can find all the past rants there.

Also, for all of you with XM Radio you can now request me. Email or call 1.866.XMLAUGH (tollfree). Hell, request me even if you don't have it. I call and ask for myself 5 or 6 times a day. Help a brotha' out.



I just wanted to drop a quick thanks to everyone for visiting.  Now do the right thing and forward this site to everyone on your address list... you know they'll thank you for it.  Oh, and while you're here, sign the Guestbook and pick up a CD or twelve - I'm trying to get rid of what's left of this run so I can record a new one.  Plus I need the money... my cat eats a lot.  



Just in case I have a few friends/fans with a little extra cash lying around... There's some pretty cool stuff up for grabs at the Kevin Martin & The Hiwatts site.  There's only a few days to get in on it, but it's some pretty cool shit, for a pretty good cause.  Plus, for anyone that makes a donation, I'll throw in some free stuff as well.  Now hook 'da boys up!



I'm back from Mexico and I'll be taking on the whole DFW metroplex this month!  You can catch me and Tough Crowd's Nick DiPaolo at the Addison Improv for a little political humor on October 13-14, and then at Hyenas in Ft. Worth on the 22-23.  Check the Schedule page for details.



Okay.  I'm back.



Alright kids... I'm off to Cancun for the week.  Feel free to wax creative on the Guestbook - I'll need some entertainment when I get back.



Go sign the Guestbook you crackhead!



Unfortunately, I have to cancel this week at Rascals in Jackson. You can catch me Thursday night however at The Improv in Houston, TX for the Aspen HBO Comedy/Arts Festival Auditions.



Just added: You can catch me and Tough Crowd's Nick DiPaolo at the Dallas Improv for a little political humor October 13-14.



Shooting begins today on "Gettin' Paid". I'll try to keep this updated as we go along.



Go sign the Guestbook you monkey humpin' crackheads.

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