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I Am Battle Comic Premiere

I am in a movie. It might be playing near you.  We shot an amazing documentary entitled, "I Am Battle Comic" on a recent tour through Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Bahrain.  Well, Jordan Brady shot and directed it.  All I did was walk around and answer his questions when he asked them.

The point is, it's pretty great, and you can come see it with me if you live in Houston.  The premiere is April 26th at the River Oaks Theater.  I'll be there along with Jordan, and we'll be watching it with you and then doing a Q&A, and it wouldn't be a Slade Ham joint if there weren't an afterparty.

There are other premieres in other cities like Detroit, Phoenix, NYC, and LA, so use your Google if you're in one of those areas.  Tickets for the Houston screening are up for purchase at this link.  Please come hang out with me.


Whiskey Brothers Christmas Ball

Rob Mungle. Slade Ham. Sam Demaris. Dale Cheesman. Kiki Maroon. Sarah Tollemache. Mike MacRae. Paul Oddo. PLUS more special guests, the Jack Daniels girls, and music from the Jeremy James Band.

Yeah. It's that good.

Get Tickets Here!


 I Am Battle Comic

I am excited to announce that I (along with a few friends) will be the focal point for Jordan Brady's new documentary. Jordan, of course, is responsible for the cult hit "I Am Comic", and will be following us through Afghanistan as part of his follow up film.


Back Overseas

If you have any friends or family members deployed in Afghanistan, I will be headed back out there to perform in March. While I'm not allowed to give exact details, tell them to check with their MWR representative to see if their base is on my list.

I will also be hitting Kuwait and Bahrain on this run, as well as several spots in Europe in May.


Comics Doing Comics

I am thrilled to announce a fun charity project that you can get in on. I recently partnered up with (the wildly more talented than me) Mostafa Moussa to do a charity piece for ArtBridge Houston, an organization that provides therapeutic and expressive arts programs to homeless and at-risk children in the Greater Houston area.

It's what happens when comics collide with comics. Get it? Bad dum tss.

Separate eBay auctions are up for both the original pencils and the inks. Each one comes along with a signed print of the final color version. It is a wicked cool project for a fantastic cause. I would love for you to own one.

And if you just want one of the prints instead, I'll have info for that soon. You will be able to purchase them at the Whiskey Brothers show on Thursday, as well as get them signed by me and Mostafa.



The Whiskey Brothers Special

We are recording our stand up special live in Houston on February 21st!  Join us along with Houston hip-hop legend Scarface as we make digital history.  Two shows, 7pm and 10:30pm.  Tickets are available now by going to


More Military Shows

I'll be returning to some old stomping grounds this summer: Ethiopia, Djibouti, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait.  If you are - or know someone - stationed over there, keep an eye out.  Hooah!



Hey guys!  For the men and women in uniform station in Okinawa, I'm returning to Kadena AFB for three shows with George Wallace Jan 31 & Feb 1.  See you there.  Hooah!



Aside from return trips to Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey in the next few months, I'm also about to announce some HUGE news regarding my side project, The Whiskey Brothers. Stay tuned!


New Dates

My schedule is now completely up to date for 2013, complete with military shows in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Jordan, Lebanon, and Japan.  I also have several weeks in Canada this year for my friends in the Great White North.  If you don't see me scheduled in your city, call your local club and give them hell!  See you somewhere on the road.


The Whiskey Brothers Podcast

The Whiskey Brothers Podcast has crossed over TWO MILLION downloads! If you haven't listened, click the links below to subscribe on iTunes, get the Android app, and visit us in our various digital homes.  You guys rock as always.



The Bob & Tom Show

You can catch me on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show this Friday, July 1. Aaaand, if you're here because you found me through B&T, please go check out my podcast on iTunes:

The Whiskey Brothers Podcast


The Whiskey Brothers Podcast

Yes, it is true.  I have joined forces with The Reverend Rob Mungle, Sam Demaris, and John Wessling to bring you a once a week Whiskey Brothers podcast.  You can listen and subscribe by going to



I'll be headlining the Tulalip Casino just outside Seattle, WA on New Years Eve if you are in the area.  Here's to 2011, kids.


Three-Legged Unicorn

Here's my brand new CD... yours for the taking.

Slade Ham - Three-Legged
            Unicorn Slade Ham - "Three-Legged Unicorn"


download Slade Ham on iTunes


A Whiskey Brothers Family Christmas

We're throwing our 3rd Annual Whiskey Brothers Family Christmas this year at the Laff Stop in Houston (Waugh and Allan Parkway).  Call 713-524-2333 for reservations.  It all happens Wednesday, December 16th at 8:00 pm.  Be there.


Another Run

I'm headed overseas again tomorrow, to Saudi, Qatar, Djibouti, and Bahrain.  If you happen to be reading this and are stationed in one of those places, PLEASE come say hello.  Especially Bahrain.  I love Bahrain.  I'll see the rest of you when I get back to the States.


Bob & Tom

I'll be on the Bob & Tom Show today... Find your local radio affiliate.  I'll also be on the television broadcast of the show.  Find it, and love me :)


Twitter Me

I'm now on Twitter.  Follow me, and you could get free stuff:



I have shows over the next month in Atlanta, DC, Indianapolis, and Houston.  If I'm not where you are, there's a problem.  Let's fix it.

See ya on the road.



I've been a little behind posting my Rants here on my website lately.  I think I'm caught up though.  The last six were posted today, so go catch up.

Also, I'm going to Iraq for two weeks in October.  I will probably sweat a lot.

And... if I am not scheduled to be at your local comedy club, get on the phone and harass them until they book me.  Make some noise.  Shake things up.  Have a little fun.

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